The Proposed Solution

With traditional solutions not cutting much ice, the need is to think out of the box. Naplozz is a disruptive user-first solution that has been developed by considering that maintaining quality and safety is only possible, firstly, if you understand why it's important, and secondly if it's convenient to do so.

While data is critical, Naplozz ensures that recording the data is equally crucial. The user-friendly app makes daily usage comfortable, thus creating an enjoyable environment for mandatory duties. Features like “Click and Swipe” enable convenient data entry, and ease of recording data and input, thereby helping to maintain the highest quality and safety standards in an easy manner.

Naplozz resolves quality and compliance issues by effortlessly tracking the day-to-day operations of the business by digitizing all mandatory paperwork, checklists, and spreadsheets and helping managers and employees achieve the highest levels of compliance, quality, and performance with minimum effort.

The other advantage of Naplozz is that it provides a transparent, well-organized, and easy-to-track logging system accompanied by an easily controllable task allocation system. You don't need to use paper documents and spreadsheets anymore, because with Naplozz you can have all the records and documents digitally in one place and thanks to the "Smart notification" system you will never forget again to miss deadlines.

Naplozz also allows business owners to change their employees’ average attitude toward their regular work routines by incentivizing them in different ways. The Naplozz Star System enables all network members to view their quality performances, ‘The Employee of the Month’ badges, and the quality certificates they have earned. While Naplozz ensures better quality performance and increases office morale, the Naplozz Marketplace ecosystem resolves infrastructural issues, and Naplozz Education solves educational deficiencies.

One cannot ignore the significance of the NAP Token because it forms the core base of the entire ecosystem and its features, especially the incentive token rewards framework by which employees can be awarded directly.

Finally, another crucial benefit is the on-chain quality and product tracking which ensures high data transparency levels. Blockchain's innovative technology decentralizes the Naplozz quality management and certification systems and also provides a solution for supply chains, quality assurance, and auditor companies to take their services to another level while providing accessibility, immutability, and transparency to the consumers.

Besides helping businesses Naplozz is completely fit for personal usage due to its architecture.

Naplozz allows users to track daily workflow easily and set up custom reminders and personalized notifications.

The checklist system facilitates effective multitasking and the "Click and swipe" feature provides a comfortable and quick data entry solution.

Showing the progress in an illustrative way helps to understand where we are in the process and what still needs to be done, the task tree, and mind mapping are all about that. Thus, Naplozz helps to track and organize personal duties better.

Custom inspections are great for enterprises but in daily life, they can be very useful also to set standards.

The education and certification that are part of the Naplozz ecosystem can be utilized by anyone who wants to learn food safety, occupational standard-related, or other professional topics.

Besides being a useful, practical, and easy-to-use project management tool and a real support to the quality daily workflow Naplozz introduces a new way of work habits through its "Perform to earn" token rewards program.

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