Utilities summarized

1. Payment Method: Users can pay for various services within the Naplozz ecosystem using NAP tokens. This includes accessing different levels of certification, subscribing to the app, ordering assessments and documents, and paying for gas fees.

2. Certification and NFTs: Each level of certification attained by a company can be represented by a unique NFT minted on the blockchain. These NFTs can serve as proof of authenticity and can be traded or showcased by the company. The creation and issuance of these NFTs will require NAP tokens.

3. Access to Data: Access to specific data on the NAP Explorer platform can be gated behind NAP token ownership. Users who hold NAP tokens can access more detailed statistical analysis, historical data, and other premium features related to quality-related data tracking and displaying.

4. Product Tracking: Companies can use NAP tokens to register their products on the blockchain and generate unique QR codes. Scanning these QR codes will allow customers and clients to view detailed product information and verify its origin and quality. The generation of QR codes and product tracking features can require NAP tokens.

5. Assessments and Documentation: Creating assessments, education certificates, and other documents through the Naplozz wizard can require NAP tokens. The documents can be stored on IPFS and minted as NFTs, ensuring their transparency and traceability. Users can track and verify these documents on-chain using the NAP Explorer platform or other dApps.

6. Gas Fee Discounts: Users who pay gas fees using NAP tokens can receive discounts or other benefits, incentivizing token holders to use NAP for transactional purposes.

7. Loyalty and Rewards: Implementing a loyalty program that rewards users with NAP tokens for active participation, referrals, or achieving milestones within the Naplozz ecosystem can encourage token holding and engagement.

8 Governance and Voting: NAP token holders can have voting rights on important decisions related to the Naplozz platform. This can include protocol upgrades, feature enhancements, or community initiatives, giving token holders a say in the platform's development and fostering community engagement.

9. Staking and Rewards: Users can stake their NAP tokens to participate in the platform's consensus mechanism or other staking mechanisms. In return, they can earn additional NAP tokens as rewards, providing an incentive to hold and stake tokens.

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