NAP Compliance Metric

The motor of the Perform to Earn program and the quality tracking.

The highlighting aspect of the Naplozz user interface architecture is that all its features are measurable. Therefore, the objective of the Naplozz reward program is to incentivize quality work. The system analyses the mandatory and custom tasks, the attendance, and all record-keeping during the daily workflow. The derived results, according to the current legislation, are summarized in the daily metrics. The cumulative daily achievements add up and create a monthly metric to determine the quantity of the rewards.

The determining rates are as follows.

  1. Diamond Quality: 95 to 100% monthly results – 100% of the tokens can be unlocked.

  2. Platina Quality: 90 to 95% monthly results - 75% of the tokens can be unlocked.

  3. Gold Quality: 85 to 90% monthly results - 50% of the tokens can be unlocked.

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