Future Prospects: What Does the Future Hold for NAP?

Before we look at the future prospects of Naplozz, here is its current usage status.

  • We delivered our MVP at the end of the summer of 2022.

  • Around 40 active users constantly using and testing the app.

  • We have gained valuable team members and partnerships who help us achieve our goals faster and more efficiently.

  • We are just about to launch our NAP token to revolutionize the project and quality management industry.

The Future prospects

  • We plan to allow users to use our educational system to get specific certificates

  • Our Document Wizard to create different assessment documents will be launched soon so clients can easily order professional and mandatory assessments.

  • Our Audit system is soon to be beta launched.

  • We have a great plan to execute our roadmap and build up our community and so as our user base.

  • For the NAP token, we will implement all the planned utilities while the ecosystem manifesting, also, constantly figuring out new use cases for better work quality.

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