NAP Explorer and tracker

The Nap Explorer is a platform that utilizes blockchain technology to provide users with access to specific on-chain data within the Naplozz ecosystem. It enhances transparency and immutability by storing transactions on the blockchain. Users can use Nap Explorer to view and explore data related to various aspects of the platform, such as quality-related data tracking, product-related data, assessments, and documentation authenticity. In addition, the NAP token plays a crucial role in accessing certain on-chain data levels within the Nap Explorer platform. Users can utilize their NAP tokens to cover the associated fees required for accessing different levels of data, including quality-related data tracking, statistical analysis, and historical records. Moreover, the NAP token is also integrated into the fees for ordering assessment documents.

This integration of the NAP token into the fee structure further strengthens its significance within the Naplozz ecosystem, fostering a streamlined and cohesive user experience.

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