Main Pools

Ecosystem Pool

We use our ecosystem pool for account allocation, where every subscriber gets an equal amount of tokens that the value they pay for subscriptions. Usually, it is locked, but users can unlock them with maximum compliance, month-by-month. We have implemented a yearly vesting too which determines the maximum number of allocated tokens year by year:

1st year


2nd year


3rd year


4th year


The Ecosystem Pool allows for the allocation of yearly subscriptions on a monthly basis.

The locked tokens are eligible for unlocking, depending on the account’s performance determined by the compliance metric, described later.

Naplozz proposes regular buybacks from the market to continue replacing the utilized tokens from the ecosystem pool.

Naplozz is being integrated with the Polygon blockchain. Every subscriber will have their own address to enable token circulation.

Ecosystem pool run-out calculation:

ex=((R+E×0,1÷T))/(A×M×(P×U×Y))×Te^x=((R+E×0,1÷T ))/( A ×M×(P×U×Y))×T

ex=Numberofyearsfortheecosystempooltorunoute^x = Number of years for the ecosystem pool to run out

R = Total number of tokens in the ecosystem pool

A = Number of subscribers

M = Number of months in a year

P = The amount each subscriber pays every month.

U = The performance result after the usage of the app

Y = The yearly vesting

E = The yearly income from the subscriptions (Value A*M*P)

T = the price of the one token

Staking Pool

  • The Staking pool allows admins (owners) to stake the unlocked tokens manually.

  • It also allows the manual staking of the reward tokens earned by the employees.

  • Naplozz plans to build an interface that would allow everyone holding tokens to stake them in the future.

  • However, Naplozz has a limited supply of tokens in the staking pool.

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