NAP Vesting Platform

Vesting web application Vesting, utilizing freezing mechanic, to provide functionality for NAP token (ERC-20) based on ETH blockchain to be distributed over the specific groups during the specific schedule detailed in the customer's tokenomics specication document. The total supply of Naplozz tokens 200,000,000 should be distributed over the list of wallets (divided into the groups respectively to the tokenomics) in accordance with their share in the group’s reward pool and tokenomics’ schedulen; There are two types of vesting mechanics:

  • TGE event:one-timee release of a specified amount of tokens on a specified date and time;

  • Linear period: release of a specified amount of tokens each second during the related period of time.

Supported blockchains, wallets and devices Wallets - ETH compatible wallets: MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, WalletConnect

Blockchains: - Ethereum blockchain


  • Desktop layout

  • Mobile layout

Vesting User Flow Prerequisites:

- The user has access to Ethereum compatible wallet whose address is included in the vesting contract list along with the information about its share in the reward pool - The user is on the Vesting Platform's web page

  1. Connect compatible wallets

  2. Get information on the vesting schedule displayed on the page

  3. Claim tokens (if any are already available).

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