Complying with regulations or industry standards is challenging for all businesses, small or large because they keep changing frequently. The existing systems find it tough to remain updated and are costly to implement and follow. On the other hand, non-compliance with regulations can have financial repercussions and can result in loss of stakeholder trust as well. With small companies working on tight margins and limited resources, these penalties considerably affect their profits.*

Besides, it affects their business because they cannot concentrate on providing their clients with excellent service on time. So there is a need for an effective and efficient solution that can help businesses comply with regulations without affecting customer service. Naplozz is a quality management and data tracking application that utilizes the latest innovative technologies like blockchain, AI and cloud to help business owners remain compliant safely, reliably, and comfortably.

Naplozz is a multi-functional app that will cater to multiple industries as well as to individual users, but with an emphasis on global food safety and labor standards. Besides facilitating continuous regulatory compliance, Naplozz strives to eliminate mandatory inspection and make data tracking easier, safer, and transparent.

This White Paper explains Naplozz, its functioning, and its utility in detail to help businesses manage their regulatory compliance and other data management tasks to save compliance costs, build stakeholder trust, and improve their brand image. It also explains how personal use of our ecosystem would be a huge benefit for daily efficiency.

*You can find our glossary at the end of this whitepaper.

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