Naplozz Subscription with NAP Token

The Naplozz Subscription model is designed to offer different packages to subscribers, following a similar approach as other Software as a Service (SAAS) companies. The model is dynamic, meaning that the subscription fee varies based on the number of colleagues invited by the subscriber.

To further incentivize user participation in the growth of the token's demand, the Naplozz Subscription model incorporates a token purchase structure. This means that subscribers will pay a portion of their subscription fee by directly purchasing tokens from the market. These tokens are then locked down in the treasury of the Naplozz Company.

By integrating this token purchase structure into the subscription model, Naplozz aims to encourage subscribers to actively engage with the company's token economy. The locked-down tokens in the company's treasury serve as a reserve, potentially providing stability and liquidity to the token ecosystem.

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